An Award That Got Me In Touch With My Roots

I’ve been away from my blog for well over a week now.  It’s been a challenging week.  I recently read a blogger refer to her days as either “Green Light,” “Yellow Light” or “Red Light” Days.  She uses this as a communication system with loved ones. When the inevitable, “How are you” pops up, she can respond with the appropriate stop light… indicating: “Not too bad, proceed ahead,” “Rocky road ahead, proceed with caution” or “STOP! Body under repair, do not enter!”  Well, I’ve just come off a string of “Red Light Days.”

But after this rocky week, I returned to my blog to discover that I had been awarded not one, but three Blogger Awards!!  This is a huge honor and I am humbled by this gesture.  Not only was this a surprise in and of itself, but I received these awards from a blogger I wasn’t previously aware of.   Someone who just recently discovered my blog, and was so touched that she chose me for one of her ten nominations. Remarkable.

After the initial shock at receiving these awards faded, I started to buckle under pressuring thoughts: “What did I do to deserve these?” and “What will my next ‘inspiring’ entry be to live up to these nominations?!”

I forgot to stay in the moment and just feel the happiness and hope over receiving these awards.  To know that I have touched others as they have touched me is the true reward.  Especially coming form a new-to-me blogger… the “silent” readers who find comfort and connection in my words.

And, in the end, isn’t that the point of blogging?  Not to feed my own ego or to feed others; but to grow roots in a community of like-minded, supportive people.

When ecologists look beneath the surface of a forest floor, they discover an interconnected web that holds up the entire colony of trees.  One tree cannot stand alone (for long)… it needs its forest.  Just as I tried to stand alone with my own shallow roots for far too long; I was afraid to reach out my branches for help and to admit my daily struggles with chronic illness and pain.

Thanks in large part to the blogging community, I no longer feel alone.  Unlike Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest,” plants in a forest system do not survive individually.  They actually help each other survive.  They will share nutrients back and forth according to who needs it the most at any given moment.  And they will help each other withstand unexpected events (storms, fires, disease).  They do not discriminate; they help each other “inter-species.”

Not only do we provide a root system for one another, I feel like we all play the role of ecologist, as well.  We look beneath the surface (the “oh, but you look so good on the outside…”) to get to the root of things that lie beneath.  We accept each other (as I like to say, “warts and all”).  We trust each other.  We believe in each other.

And when one of us is too weak to weather the next inevitable storm, we hold each other up.  One day I hold you up, and the next day you return the gift with encouraging, validating words of kindness.  We remind each other why we need to stand strong and try again one more day at a time… why we should never give up.

Ecologist Suzanne Simard states, “AMAZINGLY, WE FIND THAT IN A FOREST, 1 + 1 EQUALS MORE THAN 2.”  Isn’t that also true of the WordPress Family?! (and our supportive readers!)

In my heart, these blogging awards are for each and every one of us; for every blogger who has the courage to tell it how it is, to be vulnerable, and to stand in their own truth.  I wouldn’t be here without all of you.  And I wish I could nominate all of you in turn…

I have been instructed to nominate 10 bloggers to pass these awards on to.  I want to be thoughtful in my choices… to recognize others as well as to give everyone an opportunity to explore a blogger they may not yet have discovered on their own.  As well, I want to think of the introspective questions I have been asked (as a nominee) and post those separately so you can get to know me even better.

In the meantime, I want to sincerely thank Life Beyond My Window (click for link) for passing these awards on to me.  And for giving me the opportunity to discover another inspirational blog!


6 thoughts on “An Award That Got Me In Touch With My Roots

  1. Congratulations on receiving the awards. And thank you for the thought that we cannot stand alone but need a forest.

  2. Congratulations on your award. I’m glad that you recognize yourself as no longer being an isolated tree, but part of a forest.

    A few months ago, a friend pointed out to me that I have unreasonable and unrealistic expectations of myself. This awareness turned me around as I questioned some of my self-talk and assumptions.

    The other day, the thought occurred to me: today is not a down day; this is a down moment. The next moment can be different. Since then, I have been very effective at being careful with my use of negative generalizations.

    Then, I realized that I must do the same with positive generalizations. When something is going well, my mind zooms into the expectation that this success indicates that I will accomplish unprecedented greatness! I see the planets lining up and making it so. Many times, I have had this vision, and wound up encountering strange and frustrating obstacles along the way that I have not yet overcome.

    It seems to me right now that my successes are surprises that I can only anticipate in retrospect. They seem to be results of those strange and frustrating obstacles.

    May you enjoy the moment that is now.

    • Beautiful sentiments; thank you for sharing.
      It appears we have very similar approaches to life.. as well that we live very close to each other; I am in Rochester!
      I love your “name” ‘Weaver” as it symbolizes so many things to me… not only the weaving together of thoughts and observations, but the weaving together of communities, near and far. I often imagine a quilt below me woven of the threads of friends, families, hopes, love, and dreams… connecting us, supporting us.
      As well, I could relate to your thoughts on the impermanence of feelings… we so often want to accept that the bad days will not last, but it is also true of the positive days. When people say, “this too shall pass,” it goes for all days, all feelings, all experiences. At first, this may feel scary and unsafe. But in truth, it is freeing… for when we don’t attach ourselves to any particular moment or thought, all we are left with is this present moment in time, our now. And in the now, all things are as they should be. It affords us the freedom to live fully present in each given moment in time.
      I am glad to know you are embracing today. And I am glad that you discovered my site, so that I, in turn, discovered yours! (great posts around Thanksgiving, BTW!).
      May your day be filled with peace and hope.

      • I put your comment aside, waiting for a time when I could give it the proper attention for a proper response. Could 2 months have passed already?

        I like your quilt. What a nice image to savor.

        Attachment to any thing or state of being, freedom, safety…”in the now…affords us the freedom to live fully in each given moment.” I hope you are enjoying this moment right now, and find many moments like it to savor.

      • Thank you.

        It never fails to amaze me how much life can change from moment to moment. The past month has held many challenges for me, and I have not always felt quite up to the task!

        But bringing myself back to the moment has helped me to survive these hurdles. Both in reminding myself that the difficult moments are just as impermanent as the joyful ones. So I wait for the hard times to pass, while also keeping my soul open to embracing the unexpected moments of grace when they appear!

        Like returning to WordPress and discovering your kind words. Just what I needed in this very moment. Thank you.

        peace be with you all the day through,

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