Withdrawal is Necessary

A startled fawn Captured at dawn Grazing upon our city lawn

A startled fawn
Captured at dawn
Grazing upon our city lawn

In the quiet,

        The messages come

Like shy woodland creatures

        Just waiting to emerge from

                The shadows of their withdrawal


Insight and courage

        Dance wind on the mind

Hidden hopes and dreams

        Of the deeper kind

                Find safety in your open arms


Together you celebrate

        On the lush, vibrant banks

It’s the River of Grace

        That you should truly thank

                For delivering these gifts of God


But without the space

        And quiet… and solitude

You would not have heard

        These shifts in moods

                That herald in your own creativity


Nurture the fox

That rest and hides

In the deep, hidden

Crevices of your mind

Just waiting to emerge

To coalesce and converge

        From the shadows of your withdrawal

  • Quiet is necessary… withdrawal is necessary
  • It is so easy to fill our day with distractions.  Anything to keep us from dwelling on our physical pain, mental pain, to-do lists, “if-only lists,” thoughts of disappointment or loss, and all the other uncomfortable places our mind and body will go.  Right?
  • I am discovering there is a difference between “being alone” and spending time “alone with ourselves”… in silence.
  • I am often “alone” but I will have some external distraction, whether it is music, the T.V., a book… anything to keep my mind “busy!”
  • I have now started to incorporate the practice of silent periods in to my day.
  • It doesn’t have to be a long period of time. 5-10 minutes a day is plenty.
  • Think of this as a gift to yourself.
  • Quiet time to listen.  To hear what your heart’s desires are. To sit with feelings of grief of loss.  To feel your feelings, whatever they are. To follow your intuitive voice or the voice of God.
  • This time of withdrawal can be a period of contemplation, meditation, prayer.
  • Creativity comes when we gives ourselves pause to hear inspiration.
  • This silent time may feel uncomfortable at first.   That’s okay.  It takes time for a our minds to settle into this space.
  • It helps me to focus on something: my breathing (4 counts in, 4 counts out), on tightening and relaxing each muscle in my body until I am at peace, or on a one word mantra:
  • This morning I used the word “center.” At some point my mind changed it to “believe. center, believe. center” on my in breath and out breath. A serenity came over me and I felt completely relaxed. I also intuitively knew I was right where I am supposed to be at this moment in time. I “believed” without question. I was quiet long enough for my soul to come to its own conclusion.
  • So I challenge you to turn off all external noise, to quiet yourself and let your mind float wherever it may.  Then come back here and let me know what you discovered!

(“Shadows of Withdrawal” poem written by me, Tamara P.)



2 thoughts on “Withdrawal is Necessary

  1. I love your blog!! Will have to share with a client of mine who was diagnosed with Lupus. I completely agree though, withdrawing to the woods always provides a therapeutic sense of comfort.

    • I’m so glad you “found” me! Definitely feel free to share with anyone who you think can relate to my journey. I get so much hope, positive energy, and acceptance in this community of like minded souls! And thank you for reminding me to follow my own words, and savor some moments of withdrawal.

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